This freely available service intends to give to standards users the clarifications on the interpretation and application of CEI standards on their basis of technical questions and requests.

CEI, as an institutional body competent on standardisation in the electrotechnical, electronic and telecommunications sectors, thus offers to the users who cannot participate directly to the standardisation activities an instrument to understand and evaluate the application of the normative requirements to their specific cases.

CEI will answer to the questions as long as they don’t imply a consultancy activity on specific products, systems, projects or technical solutions, since this possibility is not within the institutional duties of CEI.

Some of the technical questions of general interest (suitably transformed in anonymous questions in respect to the privacy of the applicant) are published in a database together with the relevant answers and can be freely consulted by the users.

In order to facilitate the formulation or the search, the questions can be introduced or consulted by subject, by textual search (title, summary or scope of the standard), or by the standard identification. In this last case, please omit the acronyms CEI or EN (e.g. digit 60439-1 for standard CEI EN 60439-1 or 64-15 for standard CEI 64-15).

Finally, in order to formulate new questions, the applicant needs to be registered to the Webstore services, providing his own data (mandatory) and thus creating his Username and Password.

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